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Legacy Products

These products are no longer available in their original form, but the web pages are retained for information.

For information on earlier products (Multilink, Superlink, Swiftlink, SimpleNet, FileStore, CoRoNet, LanVision, and Cellstack), or if you have a requirement for an updated version of any of these designs, please enquire via the contact details on the home page.

Brunhilde was designed as a resilient bidirectional ring network for applications such as safety-critical public address (in Wagner's opera, when Brunhilde is engulfed by fire the ring survives). Some of the technology was inherited from CoRoNet, which was also a bidirectional ring and was in turn developed from Multilink and Superlink, which were unidirectional rings. As shown here, nodes had two network interfaces and were chained together to form a “segment”; the protocols (including synchronisation methods) on a segment were different from those on a link between switches. It has been superseded by Flexilink, in which the protocols used on links between switches are also suitable for use on a segment.



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